BO Ribbing – I can’t do it, so I don’t…

Ok I confess I can’t BO ribbing.  I have tried a host of different methods and while some are better than others I just can’t get it to look as good as my ribbing CO is.

So I don’t BO ribbing anymore, I work around it. I knit my ribbing separate to the garment and then I attach it via a three needle BO.

For the little bit of extra time it takes it gives a few extra benefits:

  • I get a far superior looking ribbing.
  • It tapers nicely from the join to what would normally be the BO so I don’t need to downsize needles or decrease as I go.
  • The edge of the ribbing looks neat and is stretchy
  • The 3 needle BO used to join the ribbing creates a neat seam, a good place for weaving in ends.
  • The 3 needle BO seam also gives added structure to necklines and armholes.

If you too struggle with ribbing BO looking the way you want this is worth a try.

Step 1: Pick up the number of stitches you need on the main garment, write it down.  Cut the yarn, leaving a tail for weaving in.

Step 2: On a new set of needles CO required stitches (I use long tail cast on) and knit the ribbing you need. Don’t cut yarn.


Step 3: Turn the main garment inside out.  Leave the ribbing with the right side facing out.


Step 4: Insert the ribbing into the main garment so the right sides of each piece are touching.

Step 5: Line up the beginning of the ribbing round with a good starting position.  For a sleeve this would be the bottom of the arm hole.


Step 6: Using a needle one size larger than what the ribbing is worked on joining the pieces with a 3 needle BO.  For a tutorial on a 3 needle BO click HERE.


Step 7: Weave in ends.




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