Carrying Yarn – I’d rather do that than weave in ends!

Do you like weaving in hundreds of ends when you work with stripes?  Me neither!  I almost always carry the yarn up the side.

Here is how I do it.  I have found that by wrapping every row the alternating colour creates a smooth and invisible way to avoid cutting and weaving.



Here I am knitting Charlotta, it requires 8 of the yellow stripes and then 2 purple.

My next row is yellow, so I need to carry the purple up the side.  I happen to be up to the sleeves and I don’t want the carried yarn to hang out the side of the work so choose to carry it up on the second stitch.


I knit the first stitch.


Then I insert the needle into the second stitch.



I wrap or twist the two yarns around each other, the yellow goes over the top, then underneath.


From behind it looks like this, and I carry on knitting as though the purple isn’t even there.




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