Mossy 007 Mossy 049 Mossy 066

Mossy is the kids version of Moss, a meshy top that adds texture to your child’s wardrobe from spring to autumn, think beach in summer and layers in the autumn…

The hem rests neatly around the hips with slight waist shaping from sizes 5 and up.

Knit from the top down the shoulders are joined by a provisional cast on.  the chest is knit flat joining under the arms and then knit in the round.  The sleeves and neckline ribbing is added after blocking.

Buy at Ravelry or Etsy

Most tutorials on this blog are public, however if you purchase Moss you have special access to extra tutorials, tips and tricks that relate specifically to the Mossy pattern.

Moss can be knit entirely from the pattern without using any of the tutorials below, but if you are like me and are on the look out for new ways to improve your knitting, and for alternatives to more traditional techniques then you might find some here to add to your list.

I recommend starting with the first link, it provides and overview of the pattern, with pictures of it being knit from the start to finish and links to techniques you might like to try as you go.

Some posts are password protected you can find the password on the ‘Needles and Notions’ section of your purchased pattern.

Mossy: From start to finish



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